IT 009 Italian Studies – Modern Culture, Food and Cinema



Topics in Contemporary Italian Culture: Survival Language, Food and Cinema

bparisiProf. Barbara Parisi



Credits: 3
Contact Hours: 45



Course Description:

The course is a study of the characteristics of Contemporary Italian Culture, mostly through Food and the Italian Cinema. An introduction to the “Survival Italian Language” also will be provided.

Three classes of “survival” Italian Language will introduce the students to the basic structures of the Italian language to operate in practical daily life situations.

Topics in Italian gastronomy and culinary tradition that reflect various aspects of modern Italy, including a cooking class and a wine tasting, will provide the basis for class discussions also highlighting the importance of food in every culture.

Through the viewing of emblematic Italian films, this lecture course will provide students with an in-depth overview and analysis of the events, which, in approximately the last 140 years, have shaped Italy, and the lives of Italians. Several topics pertaining to historical, social and economic developments of contemporary Italy are discussed, such as fascism, the power and influence of the Catholic Church, attitudes towards women, political instability, rural poverty, the uneasy relationship between north and south, organized crime and the mafia, mass media and communication. American stereotypes of Italy and Italians will also be addressed. A visit to Cinecittà is included to explore the importance of Italian Cinema in the international scene.

The course will be conducted in English.



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