Our Mission


The Pantheon Institute Study Abroad Programs for Architecture and the Arts and Sciences are firmly rooted in the American liberal arts tradition and internationally recognized for their quality and service. The program brings together students and faculty from colleges and universities to learn amidst the extraordinary historical and cultural treasures of Italy.


The Pantheon Institute is committed to:


    • Providing educationally rewarding academic programs in a friendly and safe foreign environment that inspires and encourages participation, exploration and a desire to embrace new cultures and international experiences.
    • Maintaining its reputation as a distinguished institution for study abroad that is known and widely regarded for its quality academic program, its services to the academic constituency, and its sponsorship of international education.
    • Gathering an academic community that fosters intellectual tolerance and awareness and encourages students to appreciate, learn and benefit from fellow program participants as well as the local student community.
    • Providing a centrally-located and well-equipped academic facility in the historic center of Rome that promotes advanced learning.
    • Providing an increasingly diversified curriculum that incorporates the multitude of cultural and educational resources of Italy with emphasis on the local region (Rome, Lazio).
    • Providing a variety of extra- and co-curricular activities that support the academic program as well as opportunities to interact with the local community and allow students to further explore and discover Italy.
    • Maintaining a full-time and visiting faculty of distinguished and dedicated professors who are committed  to international education and recognized for their teaching excellence and their scholarly achievements.
    • Providing opportunities for faculty and administrators of U.S. colleges and universities to obtain an international experience through cooperative agreements that allow them to participate in study abroad programs with students of their institution.
    • Contributing to the development in all students the skills, habits, motivation, and desire for learning that will ensure their ability to educate themselves for the rest of their lives.