Visiting Rome – For Family + Friends


Visiting parents, friends, and relatives are always welcome at the Pantheon Institute. And of course we fully appreciate the students’ desire to dedicate time to friends and relatives who make the long journey to visit them during the semester.

However, students at the Pantheon Institute are also required to respect our academic policies and faithfully attend and participate in all classes, course field trips and excursions, exams, and other co-curricular class activities and events.

To allow for the best of both worlds, the Institute provides a week-long break each semester, usually just after mid-term exams, during which time no classes are held. This allows students to travel independently, as well as dedicate time to friends and relatives who visit without having to worry about missing any portion of the academic program.

We kindly ask all parents, relatives, and friends to visit during the break so as not to interfere with the students’ responsibility to participate fully in the courses. Students will not be excused from class or class-related activities to spend time with visiting friends and/or relatives.

In order to help coordinate travel, please consult the current academic calendar which details the dates of scheduled semester breaks.