We wish you were still here with us! We welcome students to come and visit us again, anytime! In fact…

Come continue your studies at the Accademia Adrienea!

Pantheon Institute is affiliated with the Accademia Adrianea, an Italian-accredited higher education institute that offers an itinerant master’s degrees through their School of Architecture and Museography for Archeology (SAMA) while also focusing on research assisted by advanced technologies through the Museography and Advanced Technologies for Heritage (MUS_ATH).

The AA also sponsors the The Piranesi Prix de Rome, a competition open to architectural students from around the world who converge at Villa Adriana to attend a two-week workshop culminating in the University Award.

Student Work

Revisit alumni work from semesters past! See our catalogue of previous student projects.

Come teach with us!

We love students to return and teach. A variety of our courses are taught by former students! We would love to have you back. 

Reach out to [email protected] to start the conversation or check-out our hybrid-program model to learn how you can be part of the Pantheon Institute teaching experience.