Pantheon Institute Alumni

Pantheon Institute has an active and successful alumni association.

We invite you to join in the dialogue.  Please tell us and the students who follow in some variation of your personal footsteps, what your Pantheon Institute semester in Rome meant to you…

Congrats, Danielle!

At the annual gathering of the American Institute of Architecture Students, Pantheon Institute Alumna, Danielle Mitchell, was elected 2015-2016 national president. The AIAS is a student-governed, non-profit organization that represents the voice of architecture students on a global scale. The presidential term is a one-year, full time position with the national headquarters in Washington, DC.


AIAS FRM_photo1“My semester at the Pantheon Institute opened my eyes to the universal opportunities and influences architecture holds. My abroad experience allowed me to understand the breadth and fortitude of Rome’s history as I placed myself within such a rich context. I was taken out of my comfort zone and placed into a new world of culture, insight, and perspective. My five months at the Pantheon Institute changed the way I view the world around me and taught me to value the experiences and opportunities that are transforming me into the woman I wish to be. “

– Danielle Mitchell, PI Class of 2013

AIAS FRM_photo2

Pantheon Institute_photo4

Danielle and classmates, Masters and Monuments class at the Vatican with Professor Elisabetta Interdonato.


Calder Alexander –  PI Class of Fall 2013


Calder Alexander, Pantheon Institute graduate Fall 2013 – now working along side Susan Weiler, Partner in the internationally-renown landscape architecture firm, OLIN.   (Romolo Martemucci, PI Director at left)