Our Leadership

Pantheon Institute prides itself on providing quality customer service along side exceptional academic instruction. Our trained staff are ready to guide you through whatever challenges you may face, from medical concerns to maintenance requests to coursework needs. Pantheon Institute is focused on wholistic programming support services that allows participants to discover how transformative study abroad can be.

Romolo Martemucci

President and Founder

Professor Martemucci was originally a professor of Architecture and Interim Department Head of Architecture (1995-1997) at the Penn State University, then going on to become the Director of Penn State Sede di Roma from 1990-2009.

Professor Martemucci is also the creator of the La Magia Institute in Rome which offered special courses in architecture and landscape architecture, as well as the co-founder and Director of the Accademia Adrianea, which currently offers a unique Italian-accredited itinerant Masters certificate in Museography, Architecture, and Archaeology.Professor Martemucci has presented numerous papers and his articles have been published in Urban Design Magazine and in the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture publications. 

He has lectured and/or taught at University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, University of Minnesota, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Pratt Institute, Iowa State, Ohio State, Notre Dame University, and North Dakota State Universities along with University of Puerto Rico, Università “La Sapienza” and “Roma Tre” in Rome, and the University of Monterrey, in Monterrey, Mexico. 


Message from the Director

“I have one of the world’s best jobs. I administer a program that teaches architecture and the arts in Rome to students who, for many of them, are abroad for the first time. This educational opportunity to explore a new world through the lens of art and architecture allows students to reflect on the pattern of their day to day lives and how, through shared spaces, our ideas, our passions, and our values are transformed. Throughout our course instruction, we move though the interweaving configurations of streets, buildings, and piazzas. Rome itself becomes the teacher, revealing how the organization and adaptation of these spaces is informed by an ever-evolving and dynamic cultural expression.

At Pantheon Institute, I have been fortunate to work alongside some of the most qualified instructors I’ve ever known. With dedication and precision, our professors challenge students to push themselves to new levels of academic excellence and challenge previously-held conceptions. Our faculty expand student minds to consider the potential of cartographic analysis, urban design, operative history, and innovative architectural design. Furthermore, our focus on wholistic learning creates an inclusive learning curriculum that weaves art, architectural design, history, politics, language, business, and social sciences together, compelling students to reflect on the enmeshed reality of individual and collective human expression. The positive reviews from students and accrediting team visits makes me very proud of the work that is being done in Rome by our students and by our faculty. This sense of achievement extends to Pantheon Institute’s collaboration with the Accademia Adrianea and the innovative design our graduate and undergraduate students have achieved together.

After 35 years, I believe, more strongly than ever, in the educational value of going, seeing and moving through. The hands-on experience Pantheon Institute provides creates an immersive learning opportunity that deeply impacts students’ understanding of the world around them and their own influence on their environment. I feel confident that our program has, and will continue, to empower young people to boldly pursue their passions and affect great positive change in the world.”



Marco Martemucci

Vice President and General Counsel

Carla Wiegers

Vice President of Partnerships and Operations

Valeria Bello

Business Office Manager

Irene Lufrano

Front Office Manager

Matteo Ceccarelli

Facilities Director

Simone Tiradritti

Facilities Manager

After graduating from Kempbelle University with a MA in Communications, Harriet Erickson served as the director of Freshman and Transfer Programs before becoming the Vice President for Student Affairs. Holding both a BA and MA degree in Communications from Kempbelle University, Harriet Erikson has spent much of her professional life at the College.


Harriet Erickson

Vice President, Student Affairs

Wesley Clark was named Senior Advisor to the President in May 2018. An expert in corporate law, he teaches a wide range of courses including Contracts, Sales, Closely Held Business Organizations, Publicly Traded Corporations, Mergers & Acquisitions, International Law and International Securities Regulation. 


Wesley Clarke

Senior Advisor to the President

Betty Bowman joined the faculty in 2002, and received tenure there in 2007. Before joining the faculty, she was a visiting assistant professor at Syracuse University College of Law. Prior to that, she was a legal consultant with JPMorgan Chase; a contract attorney for Cravath, Swaine & Moore; and an assistant prosecutor for the Ministry of the Attorney General in Toronto, Canada. 


Betty Bowman

Acting Vice President for Finance

With over four decades of law teaching experience, Johnny Jones is a nationally-recognized constitutionalist who has received numerous awards for his teaching, including the first-ever Pioneer Award for his commitment and dedication to students from the FIU Student Bar Association in 2004. Since then, students have voted him “Professor of the Year” multiple times. 


Johnny Jones

Dean, Diversity and Compliance

Dennis Ruiz was a member of the faculty at Texas Tech University School of Law, where she held the Alvin R. Allison Distinguished Professorship and received every teaching award the law school and the University conferred. She was the Distinguished Fulbright Professor of American Constitutional Law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Greece in 1992.


Dennis Ruiz

Acting Vice President of Administration

Vernon Lowe first joined the University in 2006 as Assistant Dean for Academic Support Programs. He served as Assistant Dean until 2013, when he became a full time lecturer at the College. He teaches classes relating to legal theory and reasoning, race and law, gender and law, and in the area of commercial transactions. 


Vernon Lowe

Assistant Vice President for Communications