Who We Are

The Pantheon Institute is a full service study abroad provider, offering the highest level undergraduate academic programs in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Liberal Arts.

Pantheon Institute takes full advantage of its location in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world. Living and learning in the heart of Rome, students are immersed in the rich and diverse history of the Eternal City, witnessing first-hand how modernity and antiquity are woven together throughout the urban landscape of this major European capital. 

Central Location

The Pantheon Institute offers what few study abroad institutions in Rome can: an entirely centrally located campus in the heart of the historic center.

Pantheon Institute seeks to push the boundaries of how we conceptualize the world around us. Site visits and academic field trips are an intrinsic component of our curriculum. Our rigorous, multidimensional, hands-on approach to architecture, art, history, culture, and design dissolves walls between the classroom and the outside world.

Mission &

Pantheon Institute is commited to providing educationally rewarding academic programs in a friendly and safe foreign environment that inspires and encourages participation, exploration and a desire to embrace new cultures and international experiences.

Academic Excellence

The program seeks to empower students to confront complex problems with innovative strategies that acknowledge the past when creating future solutions.

The city of Rome is the perfect example of antiquity reborn for the modern world.

We specialize in architecture, landscape architecture and design programming for upper-level BA and B.Arch students. 

Romolo Martemucci

President of Pantheon University

Architecture and the arts are important because they reflect and pattern our lives. We move through the patterns of our streets, buildings and spaces.”


Make Pantheon Institute a part of your study abroad journey.