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Pantheon Institute is located right next to the Pantheon at Via del Pantheon 57. Our city-center classroom and housing facilities are all located within a 20-minute walking radius in the Pantheon and Trastevere neighborhoods. Schedule a tour with us!

Read more about our tuition and program costs here.

Living Costs in Rome
Italy is generally estimated to cost 20% less than the U.S. As Rome is the capital city, you can expect to find a range of price points depending on where you go. In general, a lunch at a mid-level restaurant should cost you no more than €20 and a dinner no more than €35. This cost of course depends on food and drink choices. 

Personal Travel Costs
A significant expense during a study abroad program is students’ personal travel choices. Rome is a wonderful city to travel to and from and is rated as one of the best international airports in Europe. Be mindful of low-cost airlines that may have hidden fees or fly into smaller or secondary airports relative to the main city you are trying to visit. 

In general, all federal financial aid, excluding Federal Work Study, should be available as long as students are earning credits toward their degrees while abroad. This includes Pell Grants, guaranteed student loans, and PLUS Loans. Some states also allow state financial aid to go with students abroad. You should talk to your study abroad or financial aid office about policies with regard to state and institutional aid.

If you are anticipating financial aid that will not be available before your program fee is due, you must arrange for us to receive official written notification of the source, amount, and release date of the funding.


Consult with your home university or visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

Pantheon Institute coordinates academic internships related to design, architecture, and archeological work. See Internships for more information

Every semester, Pantheon Institute leads two field trips, the North Trip and the South Trip, as a co-curricular part of our architecture and design curriculum. Field trips to the northern regions of Italy include the cities of Florence, Venice and Verona. The southern field trip itinerary includes the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as Paestum and surrounding regions. See Field Trips & Site Visits for more information.

Pantheon Institute housing is situated in both the Pantheon neighborhood as well as across the river in the Trastevere neighborhood.

Housing options include both a dormitory style residence with kitchenettes and bathrooms included in each unit as well as stand-alone apartments located within neighborhood buildings. Students can enjoy exploring these neighborhoods populated with a variety of shops, restaurants, hospitals, public transportation lines, supermarkets, government buildings, police stations, and major cultural attractions.

See Housing for more information.

The Pantheon Institute prioritizes student wellbeing. We have carefully designed a variety of resources and policies to protect, mentor and assist students as needed. All health and safety resources are in service to student’s learning goals and academic success. Pantheon Institute will collaborate with your home institute to support your transition to Rome, your time here during the program, and your return home at the end of the semester.

The Pantheon Institute enforces a strict Code of Conduct that prohibits discrimination and harassment in all forms as well as any form of retaliation related to reports of such conduct. Please see the Health & Safety section of our website to review our Program Handbook and our list of support resources.


Rome is waiting for you!