The only study abroad program in Rome focused on urban design, architecture, and landscape architecture.

The Pantheon Institute Mission

The Pantheon Institute Study Abroad Programs in Rome for Architecture and the Arts and Sciences is firmly rooted in the American liberal arts tradition. We are dedicated to the pursuit of transformative education through immersive learning experiences in Rome and Italy. While our foundational focus is on architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design, we value well-rounded learning programs. Through a variety of supplemental courses and extra-curricular programming, we seek to engage students to think creatively and collaboratively. Our programs bring together students and faculty from colleges and universities around the world to  learn amidst the extraordinary historical and cultural treasures of Italy.

The Pantheon Institute is committed to:


Providing rewarding educational programs in the pursuit of academic excellence through the exploration of foreign environments with courage, compassion, and curiosity.


Creating a safe and inclusive learning environment that safeguards individual and collective wellbeing.


Maintaining its reputation as a distinguished institution for study abroad that is known and widely regarded for its quality academic program, its services to the academic constituency, and its sponsorship of international education.


Fostering an academic community that prioritizes intellectual tolerance and awareness and encourages students to appreciate, learn from, and collaborate with fellow program participants as well as the local community.


Providing a centrally-located and well-equipped academic facilities in the historic center of Rome which contribute to students advanced levels of learning.


Providing an increasingly diversified curriculum that incorporates the multitude of cultural and educational resources of Italy with emphasis on the local region (Rome, Lazio).


Providing a variety of extra- and co-curricular activities that align with academic goals and offer opportunities to engage engagement with the local community through immersive experiences.


Maintaining a full-time and visiting faculty of distinguished and dedicated professors who are committed  to international education and recognized for their teaching excellence and their scholarly achievements.


Providing opportunities for faculty and administrators of U.S. colleges and universities to obtain an international experience through cooperative agreements that allow them to participate in study abroad programs with students of their institution.


Contributing to students wholistic development by nurturing their passions, skills, habits, motivations, and curiosity, thus fueling their desire for learning and sparking a self-driven commitment for life-long learning.


All road lead to Rome!