Premio Piranesi Prix di Rome

The Accademia Adrianea

The Accademia Adrianea di Architettura e Archeologia Onlus is non-profit organization focused on research, development, and training related to the preservation of international cultural and archaeological heritage.

The Academy is comprised of the School of Architecture and Museography for Archeology (SAMA) , and the Museography and Advanced Technologies for Heritage (MUS_ATH) research facility which investigates the relationship between museography and technologies that can be applied to preserve cultural patrimony. 

The Pantheon Institute works in close collaboration with the Accademia Adrianea for the the Piranesi Prix de Rome, held every August, part of the international Premio Piranesi design competition program open to both students and working professionals.

The award aims to advance the design training for the museography of archeological sights and scenography of archaeological heritage.

Villa Adrianea

The Premio Piranesi Prix di Rome is intricately enmeshed with Villa Adriana. Every year, students and working professionals collaborate alongside each other to design museological architectural structures to compliment Villa Adrianea, an enormous 2nd century A.D. complex built by Emperor Hadrian in the Tibertine hills just outside Rome. This UNESCO heritage site is one of the most important structures in all of Italy. 

Pantheon Institute students have unparalleled access to the site during the competition, closely guided in their designs by our professors alongside other prominent Italian academics.

Competition Learning Outcomes

Students will discover the impact of cultural heritage and further their understanding of museology and archeological preservation. The competition aligns with Pantheon Institute’s mission to immerse students in their local environment and reflect upon the cultural, social, and historical impact the ancient world has had on our present-day communities. Students will present their designs to a panel of judges, defending their creations in front of an international group of peers. 


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