The Pantheon Institute Study Abroad Programs for Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design are firmly rooted in the American liberal arts tradition and internationally recognized for their quality and service.

Our program brings together students and faculty from colleges and universities to learn amidst the extraordinary historical and cultural treasures of Italy. While our main focus is architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design, we offer a variety of courses in other disciplines to compliment and round out our primary architecture and design curriculum.

The Pantheon Institute offers two distinct academic tracks: Architecture & Landscape Architecture and General Studies.

Courses at the Pantheon Institute are taught in the American liberal arts tradition and follow a semester calendar with a 15-week fall session, a 15-week spring session. Most students attend the Institute for one semester, but year-long study is also available. 

Fall and spring students may enroll for 13-16 credits, including a 4-credit Italian language course. Part-time study is not permitted during the semester.

With the exception of Italian language courses, all instruction is in English. No prior study of Italian is required, but all students must enroll in an Italian course at their appropriate level as a part of their study at the Institute. 

Site Visits and Field Trips

Pantheon Institute incorporates a wide range of on-site learning as part of our academic curriculum. These faculty-lead visits and excursions provide real-world learning opportunities to make thoughtful connections between theory and practice. Fostering collaboration and a shared sense of purpose, our coursework seeks to engage students directly with the environment around them as part of an immersive and transformative leaning experience.

Course Catalog

As part of our semester Architecture (ARCH) and Landscape Architecture (LARCH) courses that align with required fourth-year semester coursework as part of a five-year professional B.Arch degree granting program curriculum.

Additionally, in our General Studies program, we also offer semester courses that compliment arts, architecture, and design interests, such as Italian language, virtual reality and design, nutrition and culture, history, fine arts, business, architectural engineering, English literature, and art history.

Check-out our Course Catalog for more information. 

Transrcipts and Grading

Pantheon Institute is a university-contract affiliate of the Pennsylvania State University, and its transcripts are consistent with the credit requirements of nearly all US colleges and universities.

For PSU students, Pantheon Institute transcripts are submitted directly to the Registrar and your grades are released through the usual system. Students from other institutions will receive a Pantheon Institute transcript reporting courses, grades, and credits, to be submitted to your home institution Registrar for credit.

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