Field Trips & Site Visits

Co-curricular excursions that make Italy your classroom.

Pantheon Institute programs incorporate both field trips and site-visits as part of our co-curricular programming. Excursions take place throughout Rome, Lazio, and the entire Italian peninsual. Pantheon Institute staff and faculty collaborate together to provide students a rich and immersive experience that brings the classroom to life with real-world examples of course material.  All field trips include staff support and field-trip fees (hotel, transportation, museum/site entry) are included in the tuition cost.

Site Visits

The Pantheon Institute is embedded in the very heard of the ancient city center which allows for immediate access to incredible archeological sites, architectural structures, historical monument, and world-renowned museums, such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum, Vittorio Emmanuele, Capitoline, and of course, the Pantheon itself which stands only a few meters away from our Main Office.

Northern Field Trip

Academic field trips to the northern regions of Italy include the cities of Florence, Venice and Verona.  Students conduct  in-depth academic analyses of the urban design, architecture, culture, history and contemporary elements unique to the region. The trip includes guided walking tours throughout the rich urban landscape of these incredible northern towns, including the canals of Venice and the unique building and structural designs of Italy’s Floating City.

Southern Field Trip

The southern component of Pantheon Institute academic field trips includes the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum as well as Paestum and surrounding regions. The trip includes visits to wineries, farms, churches, temples, and archeological sites.



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