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Are you interested in creating something special? Work with Pantheon Institute to craft programming that aligns with the goals and mission of your academic institution and the resources of Pantheon Institute. We collaborate with universities and colleges all across the U.S. to bring a creative idea to life.

Pantheon Institute has helped to custom-create international business, sketchbook, architecture, design, and engineering programs a reality.

Discover how you can realize your vision of an on-site Rome program

Our on-site staff will help you navigate and comply with Italian bureaucratic requirements, provide 24/7 emergency support, and assist with day-to-day needs, such as medical appointments, international shipping, and finalizing tour reservations.

Our professors can team-up with your faculty for site-visits, guest-lecturing, and complimentary academic support and instruction.

 Pantheon Institute housing allows you to live, study, and work in close proximity to the city center.

Our 30-years of working relationships around Italy grants you support in crafting a program that connects you with experts in your desired field of study.

Our experience helps to guide in the planning of site visits and fieldtrips that match with your budget.

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