Transcripts & Accreditation


Pantheon Institute is a university-contract affiliate of the Pennsylvania State University, and its transcripts are consistent with the credit requirements of nearly all US colleges and universities.

  •  For PSU students, Pantheon Institute transcripts are submitted directly to the Registrar and your grades are released through the usual system.
  •  Students from other institutions will receive a Pantheon Institute transcript reporting courses, grades, and credits, to be submitted to your home institution Registrar for credit. 

You will need to discuss credit transfer policies with your home institution prior to your enrollment to Pantheon Institute to verify how your coursework abroad will be accounted for according to your home university degree requirement policies.

General Grading Policy

The Institute uses a traditional grading system based on the four-point scale. Instructors will make clear at the outset the criteria upon which grades will be determined, what work in the course will be graded, and what standards will be applied.

The grading system applied to undergraduate students attending the Institute is as follows:

  • *D (POOR): Indicates the student may not have achieved the minimal level of comprehension in carrying a more advanced course for which this course is a specific prerequisite.
  • Other grading symbols used on transcripts:
  • W = Withdrawn
  • I = Incomplete
  • Audit = Audit (not for credit)


The number of grade points obtained by a student in any course is computed by multiplying the number of credits in the course by the grade-point equivalent of the grade received in the course. Each credit is equivalent to approximately 15 hours of instruction (i.e. 3 credits = 45 contact hours).

  • If you need approval for a Pantheon Institute course, please contact us for syllabi documents and faculty credentials which are available for review by your home institution advisor.


The Pantheon Institute is officially recognized by the Ministry of Education in Italy (Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e Ricerca) as an American institution of higher learning in Rome, Italy.

Pantheon Institute NAAB and liberal arts courses are accredited through our contractual affiliation with Penn State University.


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