Health & Safety

Student wellbeing is our top priority. 

The Pantheon Institute prioritizes student wellbeing. We have carefully designed a variety of resources and policies to protect, mentor and assist students as needed. All health and safety resources are in service to student’s learning goals and academic success.

Student Health & Safety Resources

Please choose from the selection of wellness resoures or contact us directly at [email protected].

A full review of Pantheon Institute programming standards, including emergency resources and academic expectations, are listed in the PI Program Handbook Academic Year 2024/2025. Go to the Housing Page to review the Pantheon Institute Housing Handbook.

The Institute maintains a 24/7 emergency phone number (+39 375 588 2923) for students to call, at any time, to report urgent needs or requests for assistance with emergency issues. The Institute works in full cooperation with local law enforcement and medical providers to connect students with the necessary resource. The Institute has developed a variety of local English-speaking contacts that can help facilitate a resolution to your problems. Institute staff is always standing by to intervene and provide on-site support whenever necessary.  

To preserve integrity as an American educational program in Rome, the Pantheon Institute will always work to ensure its positive image in the community and must insist that the conduct of all students, faculty and other members reflect well upon the Institute. The Institute places its trust upon its members, and any abuse of that trust will be treated so as to protect the Pantheon Institute community and the rights of its members. Pantheon Institute’s Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures exist to protect all members of the PI community. See the Program Handbook for full details regarding the Code of Conduct.

The Pantheon Institute prohibits discrimination and harassment in all forms as well as any form of retaliation related to reports of such conduct. It is prohibited to discriminate or harass any person because of their actual or perceived age, race, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability, religion, creed, veteran status, marital or family status, pregnancy, pregnancy-related conditions, or political ideas. Please review our Program Handbook for more informaiton or write to our VP of Operations, Carla Wiegers, at [email protected].

Pantheon Institute will work with your institution to provide information and guidance to help students, staff, and faculty prepare for entry to Rome and the process of acclimating to life abroad. You should review the PI Pre Departure Guide 2023.2024 for information about transitioning to life in Rome.  Please also be sure to review Institute policies, academic requirements, and general program expectations prior to your departure as listed in our Program Handoodbook.

Upon arrival to Rome, students undergo a housing and program orientation with Pantheon Institute staff. Onboarding activities include information sessions and walking tours. Our staff is available 24/7 to support your acclimation to Rome.

Public Hospitals: The Institute collaborates with a variety of public clinics and hospitals in support of getting students access to emergency care. Please see the Emergency Information section of the Pantheon Institute Program Handbook for details.

Private Doctors and Clinics: The Institute can help students connect with private English-speaking medical professionals, including specialists. One such doctor is Andrea Guerriero and his MedInAction team. Dr. Guerriero is available via Whatsapp for virtual consultations (+39 320 406 5709). Dr. Guerriero and his team of physicians facilitate house-calls throughout Italy and Spain to provide initial in-person medical consultation. Dr. Guerriero can also schedule appointments at clinics and with specialists for continued care and treatment. You can find his services at


All students are required to have health insurance that provides international coverage for duration of their Italian study visa. For students who are studying for a shorter period and therefore do not require an Italian study visa, it is still strongly advised that anyone traveling abroad have adequate health insurance. Please check with your home university to understand your international insurance plan so you have this information ready at a moment’s notice, should a sudden health issue arise.


Rome is waiting for you!