Pantheon Institute Course Catalogue

See the Pantheon Institute Course Catalog 2023.2024 for full details, including course descriptions and credits, on offered courses at Pantheon Institute.

Below is a brief recap on Pantheon Institute programming.


Pantheon Institute features semester architecture (ARCH) and landscape architecture (LARCH) courses that align with required fourth-year semester coursework as part of a five-year professional B.Arch degree granting program curriculum.

NAAB accredited, offered courses include, but are not limited to:

  • ARCH 499A: Architectural Design Studio,
  • ARCH 499B: Architectural Analysis,
  • ARCH 499C: Roman Cartography,
  • LARCH 499A:  Urban Design Studio,
  • LARCH 499B: Urban Development, and
  • LARCH 499C: Urban Design Implementation.

See for additional information or review the Course Catalogue.


Pantheon Institute also offers semester courses that compliment arts, architecture, and design interests, such as Italian language, virtual reality and design, nutrition and culture, history, fine arts, business, architectural engineering, English literature, and art history. Offered courses include, but are not limited to:

  • ARTH 399 (AHMM300): Survey of the Masters and Monuments of Rome;
  • *IB 399E: The Italian Economy and Business Environment
  • LIT 399: Rome and the Art of Living: Creative non-Fiction;
  • HIST 399A: Ancient Rome – Civilization & Legacy;
  • IT 001: Elementary Italian I & IT 004: Intermediate Italian II;
  • ITSTU 399B: Modern Italian Cinema and Theatre;
  • PLSC 399A: The Government and Politics of Contemporary Italy;
  • VART 297: Intro to Watercolor Painting.

* Learn more about our International Business course offerings at .

Of special note is our nutrition class, INUTR 297: Italian Culture Through Food and Society, which focuses on health and wellbeing through the Mediterranean Diet, international food organizations, and world hunger issues.

Any courses featured in the Course Catalogue can be taken as an independent study.

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Please write to [email protected] to request a specific syllabus.


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