Architecture + Landscape Architecture

The Institute offers a specialized program for qualified students of advanced architecture and landscape architecture. The programs accept students who have completed a minimum of two years (three years preferred) of relevant architecture or landscape architecture study. Participants are required to enroll in the following curriculum:



The Architecture Program – 16 credits

  • ARCH 499A – Architectural Design Course (6 credits)
  • ARCH 499B – Architectural Analysis – Architecture and the City (3 credits)
  • Italian languageEsperienza Romana(4 credits – various levels)
  • Imago Urbis: Roman Cartography or elective (3 credits)



The Landscape Architecture Program – 16 credits

  • LARCH 499B – Design and Theory Studio (6 credits)
  • LARCH 499D – Contemporary/International Special Topics (3 credits)
  • Italian language Esperienza Romana (4 credits – various levels)
  • Italian Towns: Urban Analysis of the Campagna Romana or elective (3 credits)


All students in our architecture programs are provided with individual drafting tables and workspace equipped with sliding rulers, lamps, and plentiful pin-up space. The studios are spacious and bright, and also include a computer lab, library, conference room, and administrative office.


Both the Advanced Architecture Program and the Landscape Architecture Program include extensive travel to various sites of interest in Rome and throughout Italy; each semester includes a variety of research trips to sites as diverse as Caprarola, Capri, Firenze, Paestum, Pienza, Pompei, Verona, Venice, Treviso, Sicily and more. These trips afford students ample opportunity to sketch on site and explore ideas for a team project in their advanced studio course.




Community Outreach and Collaboration


Independent Research Course


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