General Studies Program


General Studies Programs: Semester and Year-Long

The Pantheon Institute offers courses in a variety of subjects including art and art history, history, political science, literature, Italian studies, international business, and interdisciplinary studies in the humanities. Our courses make full use of local resources and immerse students in the Roman environment through on-site learning. A variety of co-curricular activities including field trips, museum visits, academic tours, and artistic performances complement and further enrich the academic experience at the Pantheon Institute.


In the General Studies Program students are required to take Italian Language plus elective courses for a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 credits per semester.


Our Courses

Many American college students travel to Italy to spend a semester or year in Rome, one of the world’s greatest cities. At the Pantheon Institute we understand this fascination with the city, and we are committed to giving you the richest experience of what Rome has to offer. We recognize the importance of textbooks, class lectures, and dynamic discussion with professors and other students. We also recognize how important it is to experience Rome directly and to come face-to-face with the rich history and culture of Italy. At the Pantheon Institute we combine the two approaches, providing opportunities to encounter the city both inside and outside the classroom, and we utilize our prime location to full advantage as Rome becomes our extended classroom.


Imagine studying Ancient Rome under the shadow of the Coliseum, learning about early Christianity in the Catacombs or standing in the piazza where Mussolini declared the third Roman Empire while reading about the Fascist regime. At the Pantheon Institute such opportunities are at the center of the academic program: students are challenged to make real-life connections with the material they study, and professors and staff actively seek out ways to utilize the city of Rome in their lessons wherever possible.


To supplement the general studies program, the Institute also offers an Independent Research track for ambitious students seeking additional opportunities to challenge themselves and become immersed in the Italian environment.




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