Why should I choose the Pantheon Institute?

The Pantheon Institute puts you directly in the heart of Rome and provides you with multiple opportunities to experience the Eternal City daily. For more info, check out all the reasons Why the Pantheon Institute? might be the right program for you.

Will this program be approved for credit by my home university or college?

Most likely, yes. A semester or year at the Pantheon Institute will earn you a Pantheon Institute transcript, which is consistent with the credit requirements of nearly all U.S. colleges and universities. For more questions about accreditation, see the Transcripts & Credits

What are the admission requirements?

The Pantheon Institute’s programs were designed for motivated college and university students who are eager to immerse themselves in all aspects of Italian life, language, and culture. Students should have achieved sophomore status with a minimum 2.75 GPA at a U.S. college or university. If you’d like more information about admission requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to speak Italian to attend the Institute?

Not at all. In fact, most courses are taught in English. But all students at the Institute are required to take Italian language as part of their curriculum. The Pantheon Institute offers Italian language instruction from beginner level to advanced, so don’t let language worries hold you back.

Will I be able to travel with friends while studying at the Pantheon Institute?

Certainly! Traveling is a significant part of your experience abroad. However, do keep in mind that the Institute is a study abroad program, not simply a travel abroad one. We expect students to make a commitment to the academic program first and foremost, which, incidentally, includes a rich travel component. All students should restrict overnight travel to the Fridays and weekends during which there are no course obligations.  If you’re looking to make an extensive European trek or if you want to invite all your friends to come to visit, schedule your activities during that period. Check the Academic Calender for dates.


How much does it cost?

See the Tuition & Fees page.

How much will I spend while studying in Italy, apart from program costs?

Hmmm. That’s a good-one especially with the weak dollar and strong Euro. It’s difficult to give a fair estimate since the amount really depends on your daily lifestyle and how much travel you intend to do. We have estimated that the average student spends between $4,000 and $5,000 per semester while abroad. And yet some get by on less, while others easily go through twice that amount. If you’ll allow us to generalize a bit, here is what the average student should expect to spend for the 4-month semester program:

· Meals: approx. $1,200 (cooking at home can substantially lower this estimate)

· Textbooks: approx. $200

· Course Museum Visits & Travel Fees: approx. $150-$350 (depends on courses)

· Entertainment: $1,000-$2,000 (depends on lifestyle)

· Travel (local and international): $1,200-?

· Miscellaneous: $500-$1000

· Grand Total: approximately $4,000-$5,000

What are course fees?

Some courses have mandatory travel components which include overnight excursions to places like Florence and Venice, while other classes feature trips to, museum, wineries, or countryside inns. Course fees for individual classes usually range between 25 and 150 euro. See individual course descriptions for exact amounts.

What is the best way to carry and retrieve money?

Carry as little as possible, use credit cards whenever possible, and retrieve money with an ATM card on an as-needed basis. ATMs are everywhere and allow you to retrieve money in small increments. Always having some travelers cheques on hand is a good idea too, since you can recover the money if they’re lost or stolen. Do not bring large amounts of cash. Helpful hint: make copies of everything in your wallet in case of emergency.


What’s the deal on student housing?

Students are housed in apartments or residence halls in Rome, all of which are within a 15-minute walk or easy bus or tram ride from the Pantheon Institute and all are located in the central historic district.

Should I bring my laptop? Is there internet available?

Please do! If you are looking for maximum internet connectivity while abroad, please bring your laptop. Although there are two small computer labs in the Pantheon Institute, computers are extremely limited, which can be especially frustrating when papers are due. But the Institute does have wireless access, so if you have a laptop you’re good to go. You can also use the Wi-Fi connection in the apartments.

Is there a meal plan available through the Pantheon Institute?

Because the Institute does not offer a meal plan, we encourage our students to shop and cook for themselves. Making biweekly trips to the outdoor markets to buy fresh fruit and vegetables is often a cherished experience. Most students utilize their kitchens to make frequent meals at home, providing a great opportunity to soak up a little of the Italian culinary genius and get together with friends. And if your cooking skills are not up to par, ask your new-found Italian acquaintances – they’ll want to strut their stuff, you’ll make a new friend, and you’ll get a free meal out of the deal. There are also plenty of area restaurants, trattorie, pizzerias, and pubs where you can usually find something affordable.

What do I need to prepare for attending the program?

If you have successfully completed the application and been accepted into the program, you are now ready for the next level of preparation. Your pre-departure packet will contain everything you need to know to prepare for your experience abroad, but we cannot emphasize enough the need to:

• Read carefully and fully all the pre-departure materials provided;

• Save as much money as possible – you can always use extra while abroad;

• Make copies of your passport and all important documents and cards in your purse or wallet in case they are lost or stolen;

• Make a budget that considers all expenses while abroad – books, meals, course travel, art supplies, personal travel, etc;

• Get a laptop and bring it with you if possible;

• Understand that there will be challenges as well as amazing opportunities while studying abroad – keep an open mind and make a firm commitment to complete the program;

• Be sure to read all the pre-departure materials in their entirety. (Yes, we know we already listed this one… Hint!)

Great! How do I apply?

Glad you asked. In order to apply please send an email to [email protected] writing “APPLICATION” in the subject line. We hope to see you soon!