Why the Pantheon Institute


So you’ve decided to study abroad. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in an extraordinary experience.


If you’ve made your way to this website, it’s safe to assume you’ve set your sights on Italy. So what sets the Pantheon Institute apart from the rest? Part of the answer lies in the underlying pulse that flows through the city, around monuments and museums, filling tourists with awe and artists with inspiration. What sets the Pantheon Institute apart is the magnificence of Rome itself, a city of vibrant energy and timeless beauty, a place where the remnants of ancient empires coexist with neo-classical architecture, trattorias and coffee shops. When you study at the Pantheon Institute you’ll immerse yourself in the unique heritage and culture that mingle together to tell the spectacular story of Rome.


And our location is unmatched! The Pantheon Institute is located between the two most revered piazzas in all of Rome, Piazza della Rotunda (Pantheon) and Piazza Navona. On your doorstep is the magnificent Roman temple from which the Institute gets its name, as well as nearby Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain, Campo dei Fiori and more. And all just a few minutes walk from St. Peter’s and the Colosseum. Studying at the Pantheon Institute places you directly at the heart of the city, the perfect spot from which to begin your adventure, and to sample the best of Rome every day.


At the Pantheon Institute, we recognize the innate appeal of the city that has been aptly dubbed the capital of the world. With a history that’s almost three thousand years old and architecture that is a magnificent blend of Ancient Roman buildings and later Renaissance and Baroque designs, the city’s art and sculpture are legendary. The Vatican City adds its own mystical appeal, Roman cuisine is celebrated the world over, and the Romans themselves are fascinating to watch. Add to that the countless theaters, operas, street festivals, stores, monuments, shops, caffés, historical landmarks, fountains, restaurants, and wineries in the bustling streets, and you’ll see why at the Pantheon Institute the historic center of Rome is your campus.



Courses at the Pantheon Institute take a Rome-centered approach: Classes are frequently on-site and professors use the abundant resources of “la Città Eterna” whenever possible. Imagine art history classes where you’ll look closely at the monuments scattered throughout the city, or wandering through the Sistine Chapel admiring Michelangelo’s exquisite work. In history classes you see the ancient remains of empires you’ve only read about, and writing courses draw from the city’s rich literary canon for inspiration. In art classes you have the delightful scenic beauty of southern Italy before you, and you’ll certainly want to take your Italian language skills out on the town with new-found Roman friends. What sets us apart is that at the Pantheon Institute, we harness the boundless energy of “the eternal city” and make Rome your classroom.