Healthcare at the Pantheon Institute

Healthcare at the Pantheon Institute

Due to recent changes in Italian law, it is now possible for students to obtain a study visa with a document promising that they will purchase health insurance once in Italy. Nevertheless, it is our policy that all students wishing to participate in our program secure international health insurance, including repatriation insurance, before traveling to Italy.

The kind of insurance available to students once in Italy only covers only the cost of state care and NOT private clinics, physicians or dentists. This means that students will be limited and inconvenienced in their treatment options as they will be forced to make appointments weeks in advance with a doctor who may or may not speak English. Insurance from your home country including repatriation offers many benefits and advantages to you and your family members in case of illness or emergency.

We have partnerships with a number of highly experienced physicians both on-call and in clinics or private hospitals who speak English, treat acute/on-going conditions, can write or refill prescriptions and are able to make referrals, often with a same day appointment. Our doctors accept the following types of insurance:

  • HTH (preferred)
  • Aetna
  • CISI
  • AMA

Students receiving treatment from our physicians are charged flat rates beginning at 70 euros per visit which can then be reimbursed through insurance once students return to home countries. Please check with your provider before travel for information regarding coverage and reimbursement.