Summer Sessions


Accelerate your academic career and  consider a Summer Study Abroad Session in Rome.

A summer in Rome has all the right ingredients:


  • shopping in beautiful open-air fresh food markets
  • sketching in some of the world’s most magnificent piazzas
  • throwing a coin into the Fontana di Trevi
  • reading Dante as you walk along the Tiber River, or
  • practicing your Italian language skills with friends in your favorite new café.

NEW for 2015    Cultural Heritage in Rome

Session II

(27 June – 6 August)

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The Pantheon Institute’s summer program offers a host of diverse programs. The summer session consists of a 7-week academic program that offers a variety of exciting courses in Art History, Architecture, Italian Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Studio Arts.

Unlike the semester program, enrollment in an Italian language class is not required.  Students may choose to participate fully in the curricular concentration programs listed below, or create their own program from our summer offerings. All courses can be taken individually with the except Architecture Engineering which must be taken as the full program below. All students must meet the prerequisites.


The Free Elective Program (Session I):

Choose a minimum of two and maximum of three courses from our summer offerings.

Mix and match course to fit your curricular needs or personal preferences.  Make sure you choose alternates as your selected course times may overlap.


The Architectural Engineering Program (Session I):


ARCH 499B Architecture Analysis – Architecture and the City  (2 credits)


ARCH 499C Roman Cartography (3 credits)


ARCH 499D Studio Design (4 credits)


ARENG 497 Medieval Structures (3 credits)


International Program in Nutrition


Session I

INUTR 399A Historical, Cultural, and Scientific Aspects of the Mediterranean Diet (3 credits)


INUTR 399B  The World Food Program and F.A.O. (3 credits)


INUTR 499 International Nutrition Education and Program Planning (3 credits)


ARCH 297  An Introduction to Italian Architecture and Urban Form (3 credits)



NEW for 2015  –  Cultural Heritage in Rome

Session II  (27 June – 6 August)


INUTR 399C   Ancient Eats: Food, Sustainability and Politics in the Ancient World(3 credits)


HIST 399D  Once There Were Romans: Humanity’s Greatest Civilization(3 credits)


RSTU 397   The Popes of Rome: History of the Catholic Church(3 credits)


IT 099   Italian Studies:  Modern Culture, Food and Cinema(3 credits)



The Integrative Arts Program (Session II):


INART 299A Photographing Italian Culture (3 credits)


INART 299B Making Better Photographs (3 credits)


ARCH 297  An Introduction to Italian Architecture and Urban Form  (3 credits)


Students are encouraged to apply early as many courses are filled well in advance of the session.

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