IT 003 Intermediate Italian

Credits: 4

Contact Hours: 60

Textbook: € 35,00

Prerequisites: The equivalent of one year of beginning Italian – two semesters – or level A2 of the Common European Framework for language proficiency.

Course Description

This course is designed for students already familiar with the basic structures of the Italian language. The objective of the first part of the course is to consolidate the structures and vocabulary studied in the previous course and to improve the students’ fluency and correctness. In the second part of the course new structures and vocabulary are analyzed and practiced. The course will continue the introduction to the written and spoken language through a variety of written and oral exercises. It will offer students the opportunity to expand their vocabulary to develop further a basic oral and written proficiency in Italian. The skills acquired from this course are needed for higher-level language study. The objective of the course is also to practice the Italian language to operate in daily life situations.

Course Outcomes and Objectives

At the end of the semester, students should reach the level B1 of the Common European Framework in the four basic competencies: listening, speaking and interacting, reading, and writing.