Helena Lukas Martemucci, MFA


MFA, The Pennsylvania State University, School of Visual Arts, 2000

BSFS, Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service, 1974

Helena has been with Pantheon Institute since 2009

Awards, recognition and honors

Fulbright Grant, Prague, Czech Republic (1998-99)

Interdisciplinary Dissertation and Creative Project Award, The Pennsylvania State University, 1998

Publications and presentations

A time full of waiting – the refugee camp of Rissiera San Sabba in the phototgraphs of Jan Lukas.  Co-editor of the exhibition catalogue, Trieste, Italy, 2012.

Memento, exhibition catalogue, Galeria Fiducia, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2011.

Das Prager Ghetto, co-author, Verlag Werner Dausien, Hanau, Germany, 1994.

Courses Taught at the Pantheon Institute

PHOTO 399A  Introduction to Digital Photography

Previous Teaching Positions

Instructor of Photography, The Pennsylvania State University, 2002, 2006-2008

Related Experience

Chair of Refugee Resettlement Committee, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Fargo, ND, 1981-1989

Teaching Philosophy

When teaching photography, I don’t have any absolutes to rely on. It is not like teaching the exact sciences where I could demand the students take my word for – let’s say – the law of gravity. All I have is my life long experience of making pictures in a somewhat mechanical way through all kinds of photographic cameras, and of looking at other photographers’ work – all the time trying to figure out what is it that makes some images so memorable visually that they touch us deeply on other levels as well. One can teach the “nuts and bolts” of photography easily enough but after that I see my role as the teacher who nudges each student in the direction they might not know is worthwhile to pursue. All students comes to the class with a different set of eyes – literally and figuratively – and my wish is to lead them to “see” better than before.

Photographic Exhibitions

2011  Prague Lost and Found, The Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, Bohemian Hall/Czech Center, 321East, 73rd Street, York York City

2011 Memento, Galerie Fiducia, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2010  Memento, Atelier Josefa Sudka, PPF Art, Ujezd 30, Prague, Czech Republic

2008  Fulbright Photo Project, Unijazz Festival for the Jewish neighborhood – Boskovice Museum, Czech Republic

2004  Kroky Svetem,  Galerie u Mloka, Oloumoc, Czech Republic

2003  Bezeslov/Wordless, Fotogalerie DIOS, Na vysluni 252, Zlin, Czech Republic

2000   (BE)HOLD,  MFA Thesis Exhibition, Zoller Gallery, Penn State, University Park, PA

2000  Dance in Prague, Robeson Gallery, Penn State, University Park, PA

1999  Seeking Encounters, Studio Citadela, Prague, Czech Republic

1995  Children, Peppers and Other Treasures, Kearn Gallery, Penn State, University Park, PA

1994  Fragments of Prague, Pattee Library Gallery, Penn State, University Park,



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