Romolo Martemucci, M. Arch, MS UD

martemucci_lgM.A. Architectural Theory, University of Pennsylvania, 1974

M.S. Urban Design, Pratt Institute, 1976

B.A. Architecture, Pratt Institute, 1975



Professor Martemucci is the founding director of The Pantheon Institute


Awards, recognition and honors

  • Stuckeman Foundation Award for the Creation of a New York Urban Studies Center.
  • Fondazione Luminotec – grant for the Publication of Villa Adriana Workshop activity and work
  • Architecture and archaeology grant for Soptrintendenza dei Beni Culturali, Regione Laizo – Vllia Adriana
  • Bowers Program grant.  “International Collaborative Technical Curriculum” with Prof. Tom Boothby (AE)
  • Ciao! Penn State – Penn State FELT Grant –  with Darla Lindberg and Loukas Kalisperis et al.  (MAR 1998)
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  • Czech Republic Museum of Photography. Exhibit Design Commission. Prague, Czech Republic (NOV 1994)
  • American Institute of Architects, Academy of Architecture for Health. Student Design Charette Award (OCT 1994)
  • Research Initiation Grant. The Pennsylvania Sate University and NEA for research on the City Addition Plan of Biaggio Rosetti for the city of Ferrara, Italy (JUL 1991)
  • Selected Studio Program for Health Care Facilities AIA/AAH Health Care Committee Charette, Minneapolis . MN (OCT 1989)
  • Venice Biennale Design Competition Winner, Venice, Italy (1985)
  • Bush Foundation Faculty Development Grant (1985)
  • Full Fellowship with Stipend Ph.D. Program in Architecture , University of Pennsylvania (JAN 1986)
  • Borsa Scholarship, University of Rome (1972)


Publications and presentations

  • Ferrara’s Urban Plan of 1492: Contexts and Projects , Conference Proceedings of the International ACSA-EAAE Conference in London, May 1994. On invitation, a modified version of this paper was presented at the Department of Architecture, University of Idaho, March, 1995.
  • The Teaching of Architecture: Early Theory as Skill, Conference Proceedings of the ACSA-EAAE International Conference, Prague in May, 1993, entitled “Beginnings in Architectural Education.”
  • The Neccessity of Virtue in Architecture:Views from the Works of Alberti and Viollet-le-Duc, Conference Proceedings of the ACSA East Central Regional Conference, Ann Arbor MI, October 1989. This paper was also invited for presentation at the 1991 ACSA Technology Conference, Harvard University.
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  • Labyrinth as Paradigm, Conference Proceedings of the International Making Cities Livable Conference San Francisco, March 1991.
  • Drawing the In-Between:Tracing theTrace in the Making of Architecture, Conference Proceedings, the ACSA National Annual Meeting, San Francisco CA, March 1990.
  • Where Ceremony Becomes Monument, Peruzzi’s Theatre for the Campidoglio, in Architecture and Urbanism, Proceedings of the 75th Annual National Meeting of the ASCA, Los Angeles, pp.114-124, March 1987.
  • Imitation for Creation in Architectural Design, in Fostering Creativity in Architectural Design, Proceedings of the West Central Regional Meeting of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture held at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, pp.87 – 97, September 1986.
  • Urban Waterfront Analysis: Toward a Theory of Small Town Form, Conference Proceedings, the 5th International Conference on Urban Design in Washington DC, October 1983.
  • Household Structure, Social Change and House Form, Conference Proceedings, the ACSA Annual Meeting in Charleston, SC (OCT 1984).Co-authored with Dr. Sheila Mammen, College of Home Economics, NDSU.
  • House Form, Social Changes and Persistent Values, Conference Proceedings of the Conference of theAmerican Association of Housing Educators in Washington, DC, August 1984.
  • Ponte dell’Academia Project, in the Venice Biennale Competition Catalogue of Winning Entries, p.342, JUN 1985
  • Urban Waterfront Analysis: Toward a Theory of Urban Form, in “Urban Design Magazine”, Spring 1984 issue. pp 14-19.
  • Parts of Books Tracing the Trace in the Making of Architecture, Chapter 1, in Peresut, Luca Basso and Caliari, PierFederico, ed. “Villa Adriana. Environments”, CLUP Milano 2004 pp. 6373

Courses Taught at the Pantheon Institute:

ARCH 499A Architecture Design Studio
ARCH 499B Architectural Analysis


Previous Teaching Positions:

The Pennsylvania  State University – 1989-2009

North Dakota State University – 1977-1984

Temple University – 1998, 1985, 1984

University of Puerto Rico – 1987

University of Pennsylvania – 1984, 1986





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