SADP 300: Imaging Rome / Introduction to Digital Photography

Credits: 3

Course fees: € 35,00 (for site visits and material)

Course Description

Rome is an incomparable backdrop for our course in digital photography. Its nearly three thousand year history and continuous evolution have inspired generations of students in all disciplines to connect physically with its historic treasures, while its vibrant modern urbanity makes it a key player in contemporary world culture. Our visual exploration of the city will undoubtedly complement and enrich your experience of the other courses you will take in Rome.

This is a practice-based course, intended for students with diverse academic backgrounds and all levels of photographic knowledge. The fundamentals of photography – how light creates images and how the camera records them – will be introduced, along with skills in digital photo workflow, file storage and image editing for print or web output. You will practice techniques in visual storytelling that will improve your enjoyment of photography, whether documenting your experiences and posting to the web, creating dynamic photo-collages for your design projects, or exploring your personal voice as an artist.

The underlying theme of the course is Urban Narrative. Our walks through Rome’s diverse urban environments will highlight what is old and new in this complex city. In-class lectures on the history of photography, demonstrations of editing technique, faculty and guest critiques, museum and gallery exhibition visits, a Portfolio Project and a final Print Exhibition will fill out the weekly class meetings.

Required equipment:

A digital camera, preferably with manual settings including aperture/shutter priority

A laptop computer with a photo editing program, preferably Adobe Photoshop

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