Accepted Students

Welcome to the Pantheon Institute and Rome 


You are about to embark on the most adventurous semester of your academic life. Your reference and resource center in Rome will be our Offices at Via del Pantheon 57. There you will be welcomed with general information, advice, and guidance.

Our knowledgeable and experienced office staff will guide you through the maze of Italian bureaucracy, as well as orient you to the finer aspects of Italian culture ranging from food to music and cinema offerings.

Although your academic calendar will keep you busier than you would think possible, you will still be given plenty of time to wander, both in and out of Rome on your own. There is no substitute for preparation before arriving in Rome, but a healthy dose of adventurous spirit is always a fine ingredient to a successful semester. Learning or re-learning a little Italian is also not a bad idea.

The daily 10-minute commute from our housing units in Trastevere to the classrooms and studios in the Campo Marzio is truly a passage through history. There are enough routes to take a different one every day of the week-if not month.

Our staff will also propose optional field trips, that are intended to compliment the co-curricular field trips offered by the various departments and courses. There will also be no lack of weekly events to further integrate you into the daily life of Romans living in the historic center.

Come prepared but also come ready for anything. Arrivederci a Roma.