Aldo Patania, MA

aldo_pataniaM.A. International Studies, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies , 1981

Doctoral Degree International Relations,  Catania State University, 1978


Awards, recognition and honors 

Fulbright Scholar


Senior Economic Specialist at the US Embassy in Rome (1983-91) and Senior Country Manager for then Czechoslovakia at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London (1981-82)

Publications and presentations  

Laurea dissertation in Italian on “U.S.-Europe Relations During the Carter Administration” (1978) and two papers in Italian on state intervention in the economies of sub-Saharan Africa and on state aid to sub-Saharan households (for the Vatican University in 1996).

Courses Taught at the Pantheon Institute

IB399B International Marketing
IB339D Business in the European Union

Previous Teaching Positions

The American University of Rome, Temple University Rome Center, Link Campus University of Malta, Antioch University in Santa Barbara, UCSB, Loyola University Rome Center, Vatican University at the Lateran

Teaching Philosophy

My mission is to bring the business environment into the classroom and to bring the students into the real world, so that they are ready for the challenges awaiting them once they graduate.

What Students Need to Bring to the Study Abroad Experience  

A genuine interest in understanding the ropes of the business world so that they will not be afraid of intertwining them for their own good as citizens of the world.

Favorite Teaching Moment(s)  

When students write to me to let me know that, either at a job interview or while attending graduate school, they impress the interlocutors with their depth of practical knowledge attained in my courses.

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