The Grand Villa Adriana, Designing the UNESCO Buffer Zone – International Call for La Grande Villa Adriana Projects

Casa dell’Architettura

On August 29th at Casa dell’Architettura in Rome the International Design Call for the Grande Villa Adriana has gathered some of the most important architects of the most prestigious universities in Europe. The call has been promoted and organized by the Accademia Adrianea of Architecture and Archeology in collaboration with the Autonomous Institute of Villa Adriana and Villa D’Este and with the patronage of the Municipality of Tivoli.

Romolo Martemucci greets the students and the audience

The main objective of the call is the Unesco Buffer Zone of Villa Adriana to be reconsidered as a system of archaeological, architectural, naturalistic and ecological coexistence open to an unprecedented design dimension that exceeds its mere condition as a binding and irreversible constraint. In this context, the idea is to consider the Unesco Buffer Zone as an opportunity for planning and valuing the re-identification of the territory; and therefore to promote the regeneration of an ecosystem that includes archaeological and landscape assets, as well as service facilities and activities for cultural and economic growth.

The call has been presided by former Accademia Adrianea President Romolo Martemucci and current President Pier Federico Caliari, together with Flavio Mangione, President of the Order of the Architects, Luca Ribichini, President of the Cultural Commision of Casa dell’Architettura, Andrea Bruciati, Director of the Villa Adriana – Villa D’Este Institute and Giuseppe Trieste, President of Fiaba.

Some of the important participants to the call include Eduardo Souto de Moura with Federico Bucci and Angelo Lorenzi (PoliMI – Polo di Mantova), Andras Palffy with Ferruccio Izzo and Francesco Collotti (UniNa – DIARC + UniFi – DIDA), Marius Marcu Lapadat, Oana Diaconescu and Daniel Armenciu (UAUIM – Bucharest), Josep Mias with Valerio Tolve and Alice Bottelli (Etsab – UPC + PoliMi – AUIC), Joao Gomes da Silva with Valeria Pezza and Paolo Portoghesi (UniNa – DIARC), Riccardo D’Aquino with Giovanni Carbonara and Massimo De Vico (Uniroma 1_La Sapienza-SSBAP).


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