artist kristin jones gives lecture at the pantheon institute

On September 23rd, installation artist Kristin Jones came as guest speaker at the Pantheon Institute. During her lecture she discussed about the architectural and artistic structure of the Pantheon and she discussed her works of art in the Eternal City.

With a deep commitment to public projects and the belief that art is a powerful vehicle for urban renewal and environmental awareness, Jones has spent her career creating large-scale collaborative works for the public domain. She has devoted more than 16 years to the founding of the Rome-based non-profit TEVERETERNO. By partnering with a treasury of artists, colleagues and the City of Rome to raise awareness of the Tiber River, Jones directed and facilitated programs for its protection and revitalization. Her installations, works on and paper and time-lapse photography have been exhibited internationally.

Kristin Jones lecturing at the Pantheon Institute